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Fur Care Guide


It is very important you care for your new fur coat in the correct way, wether you have faux fur or real fur, both will require the correct care! Please remember if your looking to purchase or already have purchased one of our fur coats they have traveled from our overseas manufacturer all the way to our uk office in a plastic bag, fur deformity or creases are normal and will occur during the shipping process! we've created this guide full of tips and tricks to make sure your fur coat looks plump and GORGEOUS!


Step 1

You've received your order, FABULOUS! when you open your parcel your new fur coat will be folded inside-out in a plastic bag (we fold it inside out to try and protect the fur during shipping)! take your new fur coat out of the plastic bag and give it a goooooood old shake, shaking the coat should remove and stray/excess fur!


Step 2

Put your new fur coat on to a hanger and hang it away from other items of clothing / objects (eg. above a door or clear space in wardrobe). we would recommend to permanently store your fur coat away from other objects however we recognise this may not be possible for everyone so we would advise hanging the coat away from other objects for at least a few days or a week to allow the fur to plump up!


Step 3

This step is by far most important to get your fur coat looking perfect! while your new coat is hanging in a clear space, it is very important you blow dry the fur, this is key to plumping up the fur! use you hair dryer on the lowest speed and heat setting and slowly trace over the fur from approximately 5-10cm away. repeat daily (or when you feel its needed) until the fur has reached your desired plumpness!


Step 4

Now your new coat should be looking gorgeous, just like its new owner! we would advise not to wear you fur coat on rainy days and to avoid storing it in small places where the fur can get squashed (eg. Vacuum pack bag or a full wardrobe)